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Each of our clients has an easy-to-use, personalized Client Web Portal at no extra charge. This 24/7 portal is a popular and convenient way for our clients to follow their case, share documents, and connect with their legal team.

The portal contains important features including: (1) a document sharing and storage center where clients and attorneys upload documents; (2) billing and online payments; (3) a calendar for important dates associated with each case; and, (4) an encrypted, secure messaging center for confidential e-communication with your attorney or other staff members.

These features save our clients time, improve communication, and increase overall client satisfaction.  Best of all, it's user-friendly and easy to understand!  

Requirements: internet connection via computer or mobile device with the iOS/Android mobile application.

Because of the encrypted, internal messaging system, our clients send secure messages to their legal team in real time.
Payments & Invoicing
View or download invoices associated with your case, and make secure online payments with a credit card or e-check.
Document Sharing & Storage Center
All important documents associated with our clients' cases are housed in one secure area, accessible anywhere they have web connectivity. Our clients simply upload their case documents into the document center, where they and their legal team access, comment, and view the documents. Alternatively, they can still use snail mail and email.
Calendar and Notifications
Our clients have an internal calendar accessible by both client and attorney. Important dates such as court hearings are scheduled, along with any important details including a map to the courthouse.